Is Whiplash Associated With Automobile Accidents?

If you were to observe a physician that is examining the victim of an auto accident, you might expect the same doctor to include mention of whiplash injuries in the completed report. Actually, doctors never use that particular phrase/ term. Instead, the same doctor’s report might include mention of a something that is referred to as a whiplash associated disorder (WAD). Read More

Dangers Riders Face Each Day When Driving A Motorcycle

Motorcycle drivers are always on the road and there are so many destinations for motorcycle drivers and their passengers to explore across country. Maybe they are driving the motorcycle to work every day in order to save on gas or maybe they want to see the world in a different perspective. Driving a motorcycle can also take you out of the boxed in feeling that you get when driving a car or an SUV down the road. But it just takes a second for that motorcycle to lose control and the rest of your life could be changed forever. Here are the most common dangers that motorcycles face today. Read More

Challenge Linked To Identification of Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries

The doctor that has been charged with examining, and then prescribing the treatment for a mild traumatic brain injury has a certain type of patient. It is an individual that is suffering from a blunt trauma. The same physician has to remain alert for certain symptoms. Each of those symptoms indicates the possible presence of something that has not been detected by our present-day imaging machines. Read More

4 Fast Facts You Need To Know Pedestrian Accidents

Anytime a pedestrian is hit, it can not only be horrifying but also traumatic. When you are injured due to someone not seeing you, the last thing on your mind throughout this experience is if you should file a lawsuit. You want to keep your rights protected throughout this ordeal. Here are four things that you should consider when you are a victim of this type of accident. Read More

What You Need To Know About Traumatic Brain Injuries After A Motor Vehicle Accident

Today, thirty percent of reported brain injuries in Canada are due to motor vehicle accidents. According to the Brain Injury Association of Waterloo Wellington, over 6,000 people become permanently disabled as a result of traumatic brain injuries each year in Canada. As personal injury lawyers in Waterloo, we encounter the staggering implications of traumatic brain injuries with countless clients. Read More

What You Need To Know About A Slip And Fall Claim

During the winter months, personal injury lawyers in Waterloo see in increase in clients who have suffered injuries in slip and fall accidents and want to know if they have a claim. Slip and fall accidents can potentially cause a wide range of injuries from simple bruises to fatalities. If you have suffered an injury due to a slip and fall accident, it is often wise to get the legal opinion of an accident lawyer in Waterloo to see if you have a claim within the laws of your particular area. Read More