The Importance of Bike Helmets And Why They Should Be Mandatory

Recent statistics show that less and less people are choosing to opt out of riding bikes, despite their proven health benefits. Additionally, riding a bike has proven to be safer in areas where bicycle traffic is frequent. This is because of the increase in cycling structure, but also because motor vehicle drivers in those areas have become familiar with keeping an eye out for cyclists, and are thus less likely to overlook them. Read More

Changes In Law Affect The Adequate Liability Insurance Coverage In Ontario

Authorities in Canada do not like to hit Canadians with nothing but bad news. In 2011, a change in the laws that applied to drivers reduced the benefits available to any driver involved in an accident. At the same time, the 2011 change provided drivers with the chance to make up for the lost benefits by purchasing additional coverage. Read More

Who Will Be Held Liable In An Accident Involving A Borrowed Car?

To many, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to lend your car for a trip to the grocery store, a concert, or sports event, but something as simple as passing your keys to a friend or family member can quickly end in a storm of legal problems, confusion, and frustration. After you have read this article, you may be thinking twice or thrice before you lend your car in the future. Read More

When Is Personal Injury Mediation Considered?

If you are guilty of causing injury to another person, you are responsible for paying damages suffered by them. You are the defendant and your insurer is usually the one that will reimburse the other parties finances from the accident. If you have been injured, the other parties are the ones responsible a reimbursement settlement. This amount of money could add up to thousands or even millions of dollars, if the other person’s injuries, or your injuries, are life altering or very serious. There are other methods in place when a resolution is disputed. Mediation may be one of these methods. Read More

What You Need To Know Before A Lump-Sum Buyout of A Disability Insurance Policy

If you have been considering a lump-sum buyout of a disability insurance benefits policy, you may be asking yourself whether this even makes sense in your specific situation, and how exactly this process would work for disability insurance policies. Or even more simply: maybe you don’t even fully know what exactly a lump-sum buyout is. Read More

What To Do After Your Short-Term Disability Claim Was Denied?

After an illness or disability has taken a hold of you and left you unable to work, you may have immediately started looking into benefits you could apply for in order to be able to keep your home and feed yourself. So you looked into what you needed to do, you made an appointment with your doctor, you filled out the paperwork, and you sent off your claim… And then you were denied. So what now? You can no longer work, you have no secondary source of income, but you still need money to survive. Read More