What Type of Defense Is Seen With A Personal Injury Claim?

Personal injury claims are some of the most common liability claims being filed. Anyone who has suffered injury at the suspected negligence of another has the right to file suit against the supposed at-fault party. Whether or not the claim is closed in favor of the injured party, it will be determined by how sturdy a defense the other party’s legal team presented. There are mainly two types of defense that is used in personal injury claims. Was the defendant a direct cause of the injury? Is he/she really at-fault? Also, were there any errors on the part of the plaintiff? How soon did he/she seek medical attention? How timely was the filing of the claim? There are multiple factors that play a part in determining these two lines of defense. (more…)

What To Do If You Are Injured Because of A Defective Product?

What most people may not be aware of is their eligibility to file a defective products claim. These claims arise when injury or other damages are sustained because of a defective product. If you find yourself in a situation such as this you may be eligible to claim restitution from the manufacturer of said product. When you file a defective products claim be prepared to detail and prove the damages suffered at the fault of the product and what about the product caused such injuries and/or damage. It would be best if you were to seek the assistance of a legal representative as well. Things can go wrong. It happens. But, it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure that their products are not only efficient but safe to use. (more…)

How To Calculate Damages In Medical Malpractice Cases?

When a patient sustains an injury caused by medical malpractice, he can recover a range of different damages. They range from the ones stated on the medical bills to damages for the loss of the overall enjoyment of life to future losses and earnings. IF the medical malpractice case results in the death of the patient, the latter’s family as well as their heirs are also capable of recovering damages. With this in mind, let’s go ahead and have a look at the different types of damages which can be recovered in such cases. They include: (more…)

Do You Have A Real Case To File For Compensation?

Now, accidents happen – that’s a fact. However, deciding whether or not you need to sue the driver who is at fault is always a question that’s rather challenging to figure out. Litigation is a long and particularly expensive, not to mention contentious. The right to sue in Ontario is actually rather limited by the Insurance act. This particular piece of legislation requires that the injured party to have suffered serious impairment of a critical physical, mental or psychological function or a permanent injury. (more…)

Is ‘Dooring’ A Serious Consequence of Bicycle Accidents?

Cycling accidents are some of the most common accidents today. In metropolitan cities where the streets are crowded with both vehicles and bicycles the term “dooring” has become a hot topic in conversation. The term is more than obvious. Dooring occurs when a cyclist collides with an open car door and as unintimidating as that sounds, it can lead to some very serious injuries for the person on the bike, even death. What people need to know is that there are accident benefits available to those who have experienced this type of situation. Depending on the severity of the injuries one can expect as much as $50,000 in reparative measures if not more in cases of catastrophic events. (more…)

Don’t Let Time Slip Away On Wrongful Death Claims

When you lose a loved one because of the negligence of another you have the right to certain recompenses. Monetary compensation can be sought against the loss of a loved one to help with financial difficulties that often come in congruence with the emotional hardships. To gain recompense because of the loss, a wrongful death claim will need to be filed against those who are responsible. More importantly, a wrongful death claim needs to be filed within the guidelines for timely filing as there are specific statutes regulating these matters. It has been seen that oftentimes, the statute of limitations expanses 2 years.  (more…)

Mistakes To Avoid After Being Involved In A Car Accident

Car accidents are rather common and, as far as the province of Ontario goes, they are the major cause of personal injury causes. What is more, they are the accident type which causes the most fatalities as well. It is estimated that at least one person dies in an accident every single day in the province of Ontario alone. In any case, you should be very well aware that the moment that you get involved in the accident is particularly important and there is a series of things that you need to do. (more…)

Why Do Medical Malpractice Cases Need Serious Considerations?

Now, there are quite a lot of different personal injury claims that you are entitled to file, should you find yourself injured as a result of the negligence of a third party. This is definitely something that you need to account for. Different cases have different gravity and merit to them but medical malpractice cases are particularly serious. The reason for this is because they oftentimes result in catastrophic injuries. What is more, they also have a significant psychological impact on the victim because they tend to happen as a result of the negligent behavior of the person who is supposed to help you recover – the doctor or his staff. (more…)