Know About The Responsibility of Parent If Child Is A Victim of PTSD

If an event poses a threat to some child’s life or health, the same child could later develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). An adult might be abusive or might seek to control a younger person by using some act of violence. Alternatively, the traumatized young person could demonstrate a response to involvement in a bad accident. They are liable to be compensated as per the tort laws with the help of Injury lawyer in Waterloo. Read More

Will I Get Million Dollars As Compensation For Pain And Suffering After An Accident?

If you’ve been in an accident and have experienced pain and suffering, Ontario law says that you have the right to file for compensation, the at-fault driver or drivers to seek compensation. In this type of lawsuit, the compensation is called non-pecuniary damages. This is another way of saying there is no way to put a fixed amount of money as pain and suffering that a person has experienced, as per the 1978 Supreme Court of Canada decision in the case of Andrews vs. Toy &.Grand Read More

How To File For No-Fault Insurance With Help of Personal Injury Lawyer?

No fault insurance is where all insurance claims go through an individual’s own insurance regardless, of the person that caused the accident. Any vehicle or person damage goes through each person’s own insurance company. These are also called first party claims. In Ontario, first party claims can be made by accident victims or their Personal Injury Lawyer in Waterloo to get accident benefits or property damage benefits. Read More

How Does The Threshold For Pain And Suffering Get Determined?

No Personal Injury Lawyer in Waterloo would argue that a given client has the right to live a worry-free life. At some point, trials and tribulations become a part of everyone’s life. For that reason, compensation for pain and suffering gets granted to those for whom the level of severity has reached a point or threshold decidedly beyond a designated level. Read More