Looking At Slip and Fall Accidents Within Personal Injury Law

Even though it may not seem so, slip and fall injuries have a great impact on the whole institute of personal injury law. The reason for this is because they demand legislation which holds the owners and managers of premises liable for other people’s injuries. They introduce a new principle of responsibility – one in which negligent behavior on behalf of the defendant is not direct as opposed to other fields of expertise in personal injury. This is to say that the defendant himself didn’t directly cause the injuries with his actions but his failure to provide safety environment did. This is why the slip and fall accident is kind of a precedence in the personal injury institute and this is why it demands a lot of attention.

Occupiers’ Liability Act of Ontario

The city of Waterloo is the smallest city of three in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. It is located in the province of Ontario. This means that it is going to be subjected to the provincial laws as opposed to governmental ones – if there is any difference of course. The province of Ontario abides by the Occupiers’ Liability Act of Ontario when it comes to slip and fall accidents. This particular piece of legislation sets forth clear rules which limit the responsibility in a way and provide us with concise definitions and instructions.

The law clearly stipulates that besides the actual owner of the premises, the one who has the authorities and obligations to take care of the premises is also held accountable for any accidents. However, the accident must have occurred while the customer enters the premises. However, the law extends this rule and people who have slipped while simply standing on the premise can also claim for compensation. On the other hand, the law also provides clear definition for premises. These are all grounds and constructions which allow access for people. The most common example includes commercial facilities such as stores and malls and what not.

The Occupiers’ Liability Act of Ontario has never been amended. It was consolidated back in 1991 on the 31st of December and it has full effect over the city of Waterloo ever since. However, the fact that the law has never been altered means that it has been properly drafted by taking into consideration the eventual trends and changes in the legislation. This is incredibly convenient because the laws are supposed to protect the rights of the people. The penalties in them are intended to be preventive measures in order to stop people from committing certain misconduct.

This is why it’s important that the laws are actual and up to date in order to satisfy the demand of current social trends. If you have been in a similar situation, maybe it isn’t too late to contact a personal injury lawyer today.

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