Claiming Medical Expenses after a Car Accident

Most people contact a personal injury lawyer when the hospital and medical bills are mounting and they are confused about the right insurance company to pay their bills. If you are trying to fathom the answer, it will depend upon whether you were a passenger, driver, pedestrian or a cyclist when the accident took place. Additionally, it will depend whether you have a private health and medical coverage or the medical cover is through your spouse.

Payment of medical bills

You need to know that when you are a passenger or driver in your own car, you need to get the claim from your insurance company. But if you are passenger in a car that is not your own, you will need to claim compensation from the company that had insured that car.In case you were a cyclist or pedestrian, you will have to make a claim from the insurance company which had covered the vehicle that hit you.

Application of the right section of the auto insurance policy

As per the standard vehicle insurance policy in Ontario, under Section B, it is stated that if you have been hurt or injured in a vehicular accident, you can claim $50,000 as medical compensation. This is given within two years from the accident and includes medical costs for surgery, prescription medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy ambulance service, nursing care. You are given the coverage for four years and after that you have to fund your treatment through private insurance or claim it from the person who caused the accident. It is important to understand all aspects of the insurance policy. The auto insurance policy is divided into different sections:

·         Section A of the insurance policy deals with third-party liabilities and it is applicable where you are at fault in an accident and other party is injured/vehicle damaged.

·         Section B is about accident benefits or “no-fault accident benefits”. This is useful when irrespective of who is at fault; you are injured in the accident.

·         Section C is about damage and loss to your vehicle includes theft of vehicle.

Then there is secondary pay coverage or excess insurance, which are the medical expense benefits that you get under the auto insurance policy.  This means that if you have a separate policy under group benefits plan or a private insurance policy cover, that stands as the primary insurer and you will have to submit your expenses to them, before tapping into the Section B of the vehicle insurance. Any expenses that the primary insurer does not cover are then borne by the Section B of the auto insurance company. The category is accident and related injury is covered under medical, death and disability benefits.

Thus, you will need to talk with your personal injury lawyer and then decide on the best course of action. They will be able to help you decide what will work best in your particular case.

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