How Your Physician plays a vital Role in your Personal Injury Claim

By nature, the injuries that a person sustains in an accident that was caused by another person’s negligence are personal.  Whether there are two injured drivers or two injured people in the same vehicle, there injuries will most likely be very different.  Furthermore, the healing and recovery periods involved will probably be different as well.  However, one thing is certain regardless of the circumstances.  The treating physician will have solid records and be willing to provide testimony that impacts a personal injury case.


While your physician plays a vital role in your personal injury claim, the insurer will try to portray you as not being truly injured if you don’t get treated by a physician.  They do this for three reasons.  First of all, they try to keep their expenses to a minimum and secondly, it’s all about their bottom line.  Third and most important, they really don’t have your best interests in mind – even when you’re their client.  So whether you were injured in Oakville or St. Catharines, be sure you visit your doctor.  Your personal injury lawyer in Waterloo should also help you maintain contact with your physician.


Evidence in tort cases


This is one of a few ways of securing what could be some extremely valuable evidence in your personal injury claim and case.  Family physicians are educated and trained in a wide range of medicine and can diagnose your condition, prescribe medications for you, provide care and treatment, and refer you to a specialist if it becomes necessary.  Plus, your physician works in conjunction with a professional healthcare team of experts that include dieticians, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and rehabilitation therapists.


Role of doctors


Whether your case is in Oakville, St. Catharines, or Waterloo, these professionals are there to ensure that you receive the benefits from their diverse perspectives and their medical skill sets.  However, they all collaborate with your physician to ensure that you are given the best care and treatment possible.  In addition to care and treatment, your physician can also play a significant role in your case by:


·         during your recovery and rehabilitation

·         keeping your personal injury lawyer current on your condition

·         monitoring your daily progress

·         referring you to a rehabilitation therapist


They will also provide documents regarding the type of injuries you’ve sustained in the accident, as well as how severe any injury-related symptoms may be.  By regularly visiting your treating physician as scheduled, they will be able to compile detailed documentation regarding your injuries.  In the long run, this could prove to be extremely valuable where the outcome of your claim and case are concerned.  Your physician could also play a significant role as a key witness in your claim including emotional and psychological side effects that you may be suffering with. That is why lawyers work closely with medical practitioners as without them proving the injuries can be difficult.

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