Understanding the Limitations of Personal Injury Claims

Many individuals are so overwhelmed after sustaining injuries in an accident in the cities of Oakville, St. Catharines, or Waterloo that they have a confusing and difficult time of determining what they should do next.  They have a lot of questions that need to be addressed such as:

·         “Are my injuries severe enough to warrant compensating me?”

·         “Is there a time limit for filing my personal injury claim?”

·         “Should I contact a personal injury lawyer?”

·         “What can I be compensated for?”

·         “Will the severity of my injuries have an impact on the amount of compensation that I receive as a settlement?”

While these questions are very common among injury victims, it’s vital that you ask them when discussing your circumstances with your lawyer.  Remember, there are time limits that you have to adhere to when filing your personal injury claim if you intend on getting compensated for your injuries.

Whenever you sustain injuries in an accident that was caused by someone else because they were negligent, you have the right to claim a specific amount as  compensation for your injuries, damages and losses.  That compensation will help you recover:

·         attendant care

·         housekeeping costs

·         loss of income (past and future)

·         medical expenses (past and future)

·         pain and suffering

·         property loss

Regardless of how minor or severe a person’s injuries are, they can overwhelm you and seriously disrupt your life.  The damages you could be entitled to for the injuries you’ve sustained and the consequences thereof are determined by assigning a dollar value to them.  This is how your personal injury lawyer will determine what your case is worth or the overall value of it for settlement purposes. They will be able to estimate the amount of compensation you can demand and accordingly file for the claim.

On a precautionary note, there is one significant issue that every personal injury victim needs to be aware of after their accident.  Personal injury claims in Oakville, St. Catharines, and Waterloo have certain monetary and time limitations that every injury victim must adhere to in order to receive the compensation they are deserving of.  The more you realize and understand about these limitations, the more you will be prepared if you ever sustain injuries in an accident.

Speaking with a personal injury lawyer after an accident is always your first task after receiving medical care and treatment.  It’s also the best way to learn about these claim limitations discussed above and understand them so that you and your personal injury lawyer can move forward with your case.  The importance of being aware of these limitation dates cannot be overstated as you have to act quickly in order to file your personal injury claim on time.  In most cases, you have a maximum of 2 years to file what is called a “Statement of Claim” at a courthouse.

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