Helpful Tips On Completing The OCF-18 Treatment Plan

If you have been involved in a serious motorcycle or a car accident, it’s highly likely that you are going to need a range of different treatments. Some of them are going to be duly covered by the OHIP Healthcare System of Ontario which means that if you have a valid Health Card, it’s going to be out of charge. This includes seeing a doctor, visiting the hospital and even the treatment through the CCAC (Community Care Access System) are all going to be covered.

OF course, you’d have to go through some paperwork. This is documentation which is submitted to your insurance company in order for it to start paying your treatment. One such plan that you’d have to fill out perfectly is the OCF-18. Keep in mind, that as it is with every single document, you have to be very careful when filling this blank out. If you get something essential wrong, such as your ID, names, address, forget to sign it and things of the kind – the insurance company is not going to start paying for the treatment. That’s why we’ve prepared a few helpful tips that might be of aid.

1.    Start by filling out your date of birth and names, gender, postal code, city, telephone number and postal code. Of course, up until this moment all seems pretty straightforward.

2.    Fill in the name of your insurance company as well as the name of the adjuster and the name of the holder of the claim. This is yet particularly easy as long as you have the right kind of information in front of you.

3.    Now, the next 7 steps are completed by the regulated health care examiner who is going to be completing the form. That’s why you step directly to the 10th point of the form and fill it out. This is also the most overlooked part as people usually gloss over it. This requires you to print and sign your name and fill in the date on the form. However, as it is on the second page, a lot of people tend to overlook it and therefore get their treatment delayed unnecessarily because of this particular mistake.

Everything else regarding your OCF-18 is going to be filled out by your health care provider. In any case, this is amongst the simplest forms that you have to fill out but then again, cautious has to be exercised in order to get it right on the first time. This is going to result in prompt treatment and adequate payments without any unwanted delays and other issues. All you need to do is to be careful and you are good to go. If you are unable to get into the details, take the help of an injury lawyer to ensure that everything has been filled as per requirement and nothing goes wrong if you intend filing for compensation.

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