Is ‘Dooring’ A Serious Consequence of Bicycle Accidents?

Cycling accidents are some of the most common accidents today. In metropolitan cities where the streets are crowded with both vehicles and bicycles the term “dooring” has become a hot topic in conversation. The term is more than obvious. Dooring occurs when a cyclist collides with an open car door and as unintimidating as that sounds, it can lead to some very serious injuries for the person on the bike, even death. What people need to know is that there are accident benefits available to those who have experienced this type of situation. Depending on the severity of the injuries one can expect as much as $50,000 in reparative measures if not more in cases of catastrophic events.

Cycling accidents that involved parked cars are some of the most difficult cases in determining fault and in a lot of places, like Canada there aren’t measures in place regarding consequences such as fines. Because they occur, mostly in urban areas and not everywhere some people just don’t know how to handle the situation when it happens to them. There can be a lot of back-and-forth when it comes to placing blame. Unfortunately a lot of the accidents are simply caused by neither party paying attention and because fault is hard to determine in these situations the injured parties are unaware of the recompense that they can rightfully receive. For damage or injury, the cyclist can file for benefits through either their auto insurance or that of the driver’s.

The important thing when faced with an injury from such a situation is to know who to contact for what comes after. An injury lawyer will better be able to navigate the waters of a case that is proving difficult to clarify. A lawyer will also be especially equipped to determine what type of injury was sustained and therefore decide what kind of restitution in owed to the injured party. Of course it also helps to have someone who knows what they are doing on your side.

Expecting government entities to amend documents like the Highway Traffic Act often proves a futile endeavor. In fact this is a topic that is pushed aside to make way for what are considered more important avenues of discussion. So while revisions could be made on a county level at the moment there are no such revisions taking place. This is why the benefits available to cyclists through other means is so important. Any reputable law firm will easily be able to help their clientele gain the restitution they need in regards to any loss obtained from suffering injury because of a cycling accident. Just because recognized as a fine-worthy wrong does not mean that it should be ignored altogether. That is why it is important to work with a personal injury lawyer in Waterloo that is experienced in handling such accidents.

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