Dealing With A Slip Or Fall-To-Ground In Ontario

Any Canadian that owns property should pay attention to this fact: Falls are the second highest cause of injury-related deaths among Canadian adults between the ages of 65 and 84 years. Fortunately a property owner in Ontario can take certain steps, in order to avoid joining the other owners of a building/piece of land, those that have been forced to honor a claim made by the victim of such a common accident.

Steps Recommended for the Smart Property Owner:

• Use precautions in areas where the floor might be slippery; that would include the placement of warning signs.
• Insist on swift cleanup of food spills and other messes; the property owner cannot watch over everyone’s shoulders. Still, added recognition could be given to those that have dealt well with such messes in the past.
• Correct, as rapidly as possible, for unanticipated changes in the floor’s surface. If a correction cannot be made, it may be necessary to post an additional sign.
• Invest in proper drainage; this will help to keep floors from having dangerous puddles.
• Monitor for clutter or hidden objects in an established pathway; again added recognition could be given to those that have taken the time to remove such objects.
• Arrange for improvement of decidedly poor lighting in one or more stairwells; more on this in the next section.
• Make certain that stored items remain accessible to those employees that might be using them. Have a step ladder placed in a spot where it can be reached with ease. Caution against use of a chair.

Precautions to be taken by those that are entering a building:

After you have entered a building, you should watch for signs that any floor might be slippery or uneven. By the same token, you ought to wear proper footwear. In addition, a female should avoid wearing an extra-long dress. After all, few females have someone that can pick up the trailing portion of a stylish gown.

Any step that a property owner might have taken, in an effort to improve on the safety of a given building should not be erased by the foolish actions of those that have come into that same walled space. For example, the better lighting in the stairwells should not appear insignificant, as it would, if someone who has entered the building has chosen to walk around, while wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Indeed, each stairwell serves as an excellent location in which both the efforts of the property owner and those of anyone that has walked on a building’s floor both contribute to the safety of that particular edifice. A stairwell should have railings that those using the stairs can grab. By the same token, anyone using the stairs should not hesitate to hold onto the railing. Thus if you get injured, it is best to contact a personal injury lawyer in Waterloo.

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