What Pedestrians Should Know About Jaywalking In Canada

Although a pedestrian can be fined for jaywalking, there is no legal definition for that approach to crossing a street. Mention of jaywalking might refer to the act of crossing a road at a spot where there is not crosswalk. It can also be used in reference to the act that pushes a pedestrian to cross against the signal at a traffic intersection.

Outside of a crosswalk, a pedestrian should yield the right-of-way to vehicles. Of course, drivers have to be careful and avoid hitting any pedestrian. Furthermore, it stands to reason that no pedestrian wants to get a ticket, on top of becoming the victim of vehicle-guided hit.

What you should do if you get hit while crossing the street?

If you got hit by a motored vehicle while crossing the street, you need to get in touch with an attorney. Ideally, you made a point of seeking out medical attention shortly after you had been hit. Willingness to complete that pair of actions (contacting a lawyer and seeing a doctor) helps to ensure achievement of a winning case, if you decide to sue the driver.

Your personal injury lawyer in Waterloo can make your case even stronger by speaking with those that witnessed the accident. They may be able to help you locate the driver, if he or she has left the scene. Sometimes a driver does not realize that a pedestrian has been hit; in the driver’s mind the resulting noise resembled the sound associated with a bird hitting the front window. Just remember, every case is different.

Factors that determine the weight of a pedestrian’s argument

The time of day can be a factor. If a driver realizes that he or she will be heading east in the morning or west in the late afternoon, then the person at the wheel should make a point of wearing sunglasses. Still, a driver might discover that when he pulls up to a corner, his eyes are staring into the sun’s direct rays.

The response of the driver should be a factor. A driver should not drive away from the spot where his or her vehicle has hit a pedestrian. Witnesses can indicate the speed with which the accused driver left the scene of the accident.

The level of attention assumed by the driver should be of concern to the accuser’s lawyer. By the same token, the level of attention that a pedestrian paid to his or her surroundings, before getting hit by a vehicle, would be of interest to the defendant’s attorney. If that same accident victim had been texting or simply staring at the screen on a mobile device, he or she would have a much weaker case. Yet that same case would be stronger, if a cop had noted the pedestrian’s readiness to use the crosswalk.

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