How To Stay Safe While Driving In Construction Zone

Sometimes when extensive construction work must be done on a major highway, the government arranges for that work to get done at night, or on days when few people must commute to their place of employment. Of course, that is not always possible. Hence, personal injury lawyer in Waterloo emphasizes that there are times when a driver must travel through a construction zone.

Obviously, such a driver needs to slow down, unless the same driver welcomes the chance to engage in some risky behavior. Still, the driver’s safety cannot be ensured by the fact that he or she has chosen to obey the temporary speed limit. Consequently, smart drivers make a point of engaging in those actions that work to ensure their safety.

What sorts of actions can help drivers in a construction zone to stay safe?

Get rid of any distractions before entering that zone. Put away any cell phone. Lay aside any food or beverage. Make any necessary adjustments to the car’s radio, seats, GPS, mirror or AC before driving into construction zone.
Do not tailgate; keep a safe distance from the car that you are following. You have no way of knowing when that driver in front of you might have to come to a sudden stop.

Keep your eyes open for any sign, including one that is carried by one of the workers. Pay attention to the message on such a sign. If you get warned about merging traffic in an approaching section of road, get ready to cooperate with any drivers that have to change their lane.

Do not try any risky moves, like waiting until the last minute to merge into the adjoining lane.

Try to plan your trip with scheduled construction in mind. Schedule your trip so that you do not feel pressured to rush through a dangerous section of highway.

Stay calm; do not make any sudden and unexpected moves.

Some of the above rules can apply to a pedestrian in a construction zone

Today not all commuters hop into a car and drive off to the workplace. Some ride bikes; some take public transportation; some walk. A pedestrian does have to assume some risk, when it becomes necessary to cross through a construction zone. Still, some of the rules that apply to drivers can help a pedestrian appreciate how to behave in such an area where men are doing roadwork or constructing a building.

• Do not take any obvious risks.
• Do not make any sudden or unexpected moves.
• Obey any signs, especially any which say “Keep Out.”
• Allow yourself plenty of time, so that you can go around dangerous locations.
• Stay calm, but also stay alert; do not turn your attention to any distractions.

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