How Passengers And Driver Get Injured In Car Accident

Accidents happen and the intensity of the injuries vary. It is not necessary that if the driver was not injured, the passengers didn’t get hurt either. There have been instances when the driver was relatively unharmed but the passengers underwent surgeries to get well. To get compensated, most of the victims contact with an Injury Lawyer in Waterloo.

That short recollection of a crash underscores the fact that no two passengers will have the same injuries. In other words, it becomes almost impossible to predict that severity of any passenger’s injury. Still, there are guidelines for estimating that severity.

Factors that determine the severity of a passenger’s or driver’s injuries

• Was the injured person wearing a seat belt?
• Was the car hit from the rear, the side or the front?
• Was the victim’s head turned or facing straight ahead?
• What was the speed of both vehicles, the one that got hit and the one that rammed into a vehicle, thus injuring one or more persons?
• Did the car have air bags?

Characteristics of penetrating injuries

• Cuts and scrapes fall into this category.
• Any one of these might be caused by a projectile.
• Produce visible problems, such a loss of blood or the need for stitches.

Characteristics of an injury caused by an impact

Some part of the victim’s body hits some part of the car’s interior. Soft tissue injuries get produced by an impact. The force of the impact can damage tendons, ligaments or muscles. A sprain is one example mild damage, as caused by an impact.

A concussion, a close head injury spotlights the degree to which an impact can cause real problems. A brain can move around in a closed head, and can get in contact of the skull. The movement can affect the nerves or any other system inside of the brain. Frequently, an injury caused by an impact does not show-up until days or weeks after the accident.

Other injuries suffered by victims of a collision between two of more vehicles

Chest injuries: These are normally seen in drivers. The steering wheel hits the chest. That action can cause the driver to suffer one or more broken ribs.

Damage to arms or legs: Experienced by passengers in automobile that has been damaged by a side impact. The passengers react by throwing their limbs against the door.

A passenger’s knees hit the dashboard, injuring soft tissues in knee joint. The passenger will not struggle to walk during the first 24 hours after the accident. Slowly, the knee starts to hurt, and the passenger/victim begins to limp. A mild limp can progress to the point where the injured victim must rely temporarily on a pair of crutches.

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