What To Do After Your Short-Term Disability Claim Was Denied?

After an illness or disability has taken a hold of you and left you unable to work, you may have immediately started looking into benefits you could apply for in order to be able to keep your home and feed yourself. So you looked into what you needed to do, you made an appointment with your doctor, you filled out the paperwork, and you sent off your claim… And then you were denied. So what now? You can no longer work, you have no secondary source of income, but you still need money to survive.

Firstly you are not alone, far from it. There are many other people out there who are looking for answers and a way out of their crisis, and we want to help all of you. Below, we have answered all of the main questions people are having after their claim has been denied.

#1: How Do I Win The Appeal of My Short-Term Disability Denial?

The best way to get the approval on short-term disability claim is to have a supportive doctor who can provide you with all the information you require to file it properly, as well as get the best treatment possible. If your current doctor does not support you, or does not seem to care, you should seek out a new one right away. Additionally, you need to hire the expert services of a personal injury lawyer in Waterloo so that they can help you file the claim and look after the legal aspects of the claim.

Furthermore, you will need to follow all of your doctor’s recommendations, which includes therapy, showing up for appointments with specialists, potentially also surgery, and any other treatments within reasonable boundaries, in order to prove to your insurance company that you are committed to your recovery.

#2: Is It Possible To Apply For Employment Insurance Sickness Payouts?

In short, the answer is yes. In long, the answer is that you can apply for Employment Insurance sickness payments under two different circumstances. Number one being that your insurance company has denied your claim, and number two being that you have reason to believe that the short-term disability claim approval will be significantly delayed, and thus leave you with a gap in time in which you would otherwise be without pay. The circumstances of the latter should be treated with urgency, meaning you should apply as soon as possible for the payments. Furthermore, Employment Insurance sickness payments will only be approved through your doctor’s recommendation.

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