When Is Personal Injury Mediation Considered?

If you are guilty of causing injury to another person, you are responsible for paying damages suffered by them. You are the defendant and your insurer is usually the one that will reimburse the other parties finances from the accident. If you have been injured, the other parties are the ones responsible a reimbursement settlement. This amount of money could add up to thousands or even millions of dollars, if the other person’s injuries, or your injuries, are life altering or very serious. There are other methods in place when a resolution is disputed. Mediation may be one of these methods.

Personal Injury Mediation

Mediation could settle disagreements or a dispute of personal injury. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution that can be used effectively, before a case drags out in court. It also allows for lawyers to effectively weigh each side of the case and is sometimes required before a case is taken to court. Even with mediation there may not be an agreement met and court is still on the horizon, mediation can help a settlement be reached quicker in a settlement.

The Mediator

The job of a mediator is to help both parties in dispute come to an agreement. They have been trained in the techniques of mediation and they are an impartial third party. They cannot serve as legal counsel or offer personal opinion on the case. Each party and their Personal Injury Lawyer in Waterloo will speak to the mediator privately and then the mediator will speak to them as a group. This is confidential, cannot be shared with others or used as evidence.

Could my Lawyer Choose Mediation?

With this mediation process the parties have greater influence in the settlement outcome. You must agree to mediation as does the other party and be open to communicating to discuss solutions and find beneficial answers. Either party may accept or refuse resolutions discussed.

The case is better understood with mediation, even if it does not bring success and end in a settlement, it could bring about a more satisfactory settlement.

In my Personal Injury Case, what are the Benefits of Mediation?

One benefit of mediation is the result of a settlement more timely than court. The differences of opposing parties can be agreeably settled. A trial case outcome is decided on other factors that can be less predictable, such as, a decision based on law, evidence, past precedence and court proceedings. Court is an option, if a settlement cannot be reached through mediation. Most of the personal injury lawyers in Waterloo are well-versed in the nuances of handling a trial and representing your rights for maximum benefits.

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