Who Will Be Held Liable In An Accident Involving A Borrowed Car?

To many, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to lend your car for a trip to the grocery store, a concert, or sports event, but something as simple as passing your keys to a friend or family member can quickly end in a storm of legal problems, confusion, and frustration. After you have read this article, you may be thinking twice or thrice before you lend your car in the future.

Your Car Insurance Is For The Car, Not Its Driver

Once your car has been borrowed, the accidents it is involved in are still going on your record, not the record of whoever was driving it at the time. This also means that any damage claims are filed against you and your insurance policy which could increase your insurance rates from that point onward. However, there are also situations in which your insurance company has the right to refuse payment for a claim due to your car having been burrowed to somebody else at the time of the incident. Such situations are:

• the driver of your vehicle was driving intoxicated
• the driver was not allowed from diving your vehicle as stated in your insurance policy
• the driver’s license was suspended at the time of the incident

If this occurs and your insurance company rightfully refuses to pay for the claim due to the violation of their terms listed in your policy, it will be you who will be held liable for the damages which you didn’t even cause. That is the time to hire a lawyer to protect your rights.

Why You Should Always Ask To See Their License Before Lending Your Car To Someone

If the license of the person you are borrowing your car to is expired, you may temporarily lose access to your car, regardless of whether they were involved in an accident or not. This is because of the Vehicle Impoundment Program which has been called into existence in an effort to get all drivers with suspended licenses out from behind the wheel and off the streets.

What this means for you is that, if your car gets caught being driven by a person with a suspended license, your car can and will be impounded for a forty-five day period, if the driver was found to be driving impaired, while disqualified, or away from a collision site which they’d been a part of. Not only will you need a lawyer, but if your car was in an accident, only a personal injury lawyer in Waterloo can help.

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