Why You Should Avoid Internal Appeals For Your Denied Disability Claim

Internal appeals are a tricky situation. In the aftermath of a denied disability insurance benefits claim, an internal appeal is more often than not a waste of time and nothing more.

Options Following the Denial of Your Disability Insurance Benefits Claim

After your claim has been denied, you have the option to accept the denial or appeal it. In regards to the appealing process, there are two options: you can send your appeal through the internal appeal process of the insurance company, or you can file a lawsuit and take the appeal to court.

Internal Appeals Explained

Together with the denial of your application for the disability benefits, or the denial to continue paying your disability benefits, insurance companies will bring up the option to appeal their decision by sending in a formal letter, asking them to reconsider their decision. While all insurance companies have their own internal way of dealing with these appeals, there also similarities found within each of them.

The route to reconsideration generally takes your appeal along the same path two to three times, together with the additional medical reports or information you have provided along with your appeal. Throughout this process, your insurance company may ask you to come in for assessment by meeting with their doctors. This may even happen multiple times since they tend to send you a whole series of letters which all deny your claim and ask you whether you wish to move on to the next stage of appeals. This entire process can take months and oftentimes leads to nothing.

There are a percentage of people who have found this internal appeals process to have been successful, but there are also many others who have achieved nothing but more exhaustion and frustration in their lives. Among the ones who have failed to have gotten their claims approved this way, there a lot who only partook in the internal appeals process due to false beliefs in the first place. To clear things up: you do not need to undergo the internal appeals process in order to file a lawsuit; you can do that right away after your claim has been denied the first time.

However, if you wish to exhaust this option first since it does have a chance of success while also being cheap and quicker than a court process, you can absolutely do that. However, trying to do it all on your own seems difficult and that is why you need to hire the services of a personal injury lawyer in Waterloo to assist you through this difficult phase.

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