Factors That Can Increase Or Lower The Value of A Personal Injury Claim

A unique set of circumstances surrounds every accident that takes place. In addition, every person involved in an accidental occurrence has a unique background and a specific group of injuries. Still, Personal Injury Lawyer in Waterloo knows certain factors can raise or lower the value of any personal injury claim.

Factors that can increase the size of a damage claim

• Damage has been done to a victim’s bones, joints or nerves.
• Victim will need to undergo an expensive treatment.
• Performance of treatment only possible if victim visits a hospital or clinic.
• Among the victim’s medications are those that have to be taken at a scheduled time.
• Demands in the victim’s future life will call for dealing with a long-term injury or a disfigurement.
• Injury has introduced a threat of future disruptions in the victim’s life. In some cases, that could translate into lost future opportunities for earning an income.

Factors that can lower the size of a damage claim:

Person injured suffered only harm to soft tissues, such as any connective tissue. Diagnostic tests are more expensive than treatment. That factor should be kept in mind, if one of the shear wave tests has been ordered, in order to determine the severity of the muscle strain on a particular claimant/victim.

Treatment plan has called for repeated visits to a professional that has not earned an MD degree, such as a chiropractor. Brief treatment plan, or one that did not call for use of any medication. Understand that any medication used at the time of a surgical correction should work to rule out the utilization of that particular factor.

Treating physician reports a short recovery, or one that fails to end with the visible or observed emergence of a residual or permanent injury. No mention has been made in the post-incident medical record for anyone harmed during the accident of any emotional or mental problems.

The message being sent to parents:

If the accident affected any children, the value of the claim might be far greater than the affected child’s parents have been led to believe. Have all medical examinations ruled out the possibility that the child has suffered some type of mental or neurological damage? Parents must realize that such damage could allow for frequent disruptions to become part of the grown child’s future life.

Such disruptions could make it harder for that one-time passenger to win the interest of a possible employer. In other words, the accident could affect the young victim’s future earning capacity. Owing to the existence of that effect, the claim’s initial value needs to be recognized by both the driver and any hired lawyer. Hence, a hired injury lawyer ought to fight hard for a fair compensation of any client’s losses.

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