How To Handle Claims of Motor Vehicle Collisions Involving Leased Cars

In recent years, leased cars have become more and more popular among citizens. This is because it has enabled many to bring a car into their lives that would otherwise have been completely out of their prince range. Though while this is absolutely a great upside, there is also a downside to leasing a vehicle. Specifically, a downside in regards to potential motor vehicle collisions. Here is more information to help you stay safe.

First Steps

Your first reaction after you have survived the collision should always be the same: assessing your own condition, checking up on other involved drivers and passengers, notifying the police, and calling for medical attention.The police report that results from this initial assessment of the site could prove vital if you ever choose to take legal action in regards to this collision. For the same reason, you should also photograph damages done to your vehicle, your injuries, and the surroundings. Also don’t forget to obtain the contact information of everyone involved, including the witnesses. Reaching out to them could be important later on.

The Differences

Your accident will not just need to be reported to your insurer, but also to the real owner of your vehicle, aka, the dealership or leasing agency you got it from. You might also have to follow certain rules in regards to car repairs, like using only parts that were previously agreed upon by the owner. If you neglect to follow such rules, you could be penalized with a fee. Additionally, you can always call in an injury lawyer in Waterloo to help you with the legal implications. They know how to deal with the insurance companies while protecting your rights.

Filing Your Claim

Should you choose to file a claim in order to obtain compensation for your injuries, you will generally be dealing with the same process as if the car were your own. First, you will file the claim with the insurer of the negligent driver who caused the accident, and if they refuse to compensate you, you will have the option to build a case against them. However, instead of doing that, you are oftentimes better of dealing with your own insurance company, with the help of personal injury lawyer.

With a leased car, you will always be insured. This is because the vast majority of leasing contracts includes collision and liability insurance as a must have which makes them automatically available to you. Refusing to pay for this insurance can get you into a lot of trouble since the leased vehicle’s owner will want to keep their car in top condition for a reason.

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