Dangers Riders Face Each Day When Driving A Motorcycle

Motorcycle drivers are always on the road and there are so many destinations for motorcycle drivers and their passengers to explore across country. Maybe they are driving the motorcycle to work every day in order to save on gas or maybe they want to see the world in a different perspective. Driving a motorcycle can also take you out of the boxed in feeling that you get when driving a car or an SUV down the road. But it just takes a second for that motorcycle to lose control and the rest of your life could be changed forever. Here are the most common dangers that motorcycles face today. Read More

How Helmets Offer Important Crash Protection In The Case of Motorcycle Accidents

As personal injury lawyers in Waterloo, we see and talk to victims of motor vehicle and motorcycle accidents on a daily basis. As a motorcyclist, you no doubt know that, in Canada, you are required to wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle. This includes any passenger as well. Our mandatory helmet laws were enacted in the early 1960s and it is believed that it is why we have such an impressive record for motorcycle safety in this country. Read More

What Rights Does A Family Have After Losing A Loved One In A Fatal Motorcycle Accident?

Bicycles, motorcycles, and scooters are all extended the same right of way on Ontario’s roadways that vehicles have. Despite defensive driving practices and other precautions that big rigs and vehicles take, collisions still happen, especially when the motorcyclist is not given the right of way that they’re entitled to. In many cases, the motorist didn’t see them and a collision resulted when they turned in front of the motorcyclist. No matter what the circumstances are, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer. Read More

Why Do Motorcycle Accidents Lead To Serious Injuries And Compensation?

The province of Ontario is one of the few provinces in Canada which has so many different bike aficionados. As soon as the weather starts to get tolerable, people hop on their motorcycles and start venturing on the beautiful intro-state roads in the province and beyond. It’s safe to say that in the summer and autumn, people start hearing motorcycle engines, a lot more. Read More

Is ‘Dooring’ A Serious Consequence of Bicycle Accidents?

Cycling accidents are some of the most common accidents today. In metropolitan cities where the streets are crowded with both vehicles and bicycles the term “dooring” has become a hot topic in conversation. The term is more than obvious. Dooring occurs when a cyclist collides with an open car door and as unintimidating as that sounds, it can lead to some very serious injuries for the person on the bike, even death. What people need to know is that there are accident benefits available to those who have experienced this type of situation. Depending on the severity of the injuries one can expect as much as $50,000 in reparative measures if not more in cases of catastrophic events. Read More

Proving Product Liability Involving Defective Cars

Personal injury law is a particularly broad field of the law and it’s one which involves quite a lot of different cases. With this in mind, most of them are unfortunately capable of causing a significant amount of damages and are definitely to be taken into account. As such, we would like to guide your attention towards product liability cases and especially to those which involve defective vehicles. If you have had some experience with such an automobile, it is important to consult a lawyer. Read More