How To Stay Safe While Driving In Construction Zone

Sometimes when extensive construction work must be done on a major highway, the government arranges for that work to get done at night, or on days when few people must commute to their place of employment. Of course, that is not always possible. Hence, personal injury lawyer in Waterloo emphasizes that there are times when a driver must travel through a construction zone. Read More

4 Fast Facts You Need To Know Pedestrian Accidents

Anytime a pedestrian is hit, it can not only be horrifying but also traumatic. When you are injured due to someone not seeing you, the last thing on your mind throughout this experience is if you should file a lawsuit. You want to keep your rights protected throughout this ordeal. Here are four things that you should consider when you are a victim of this type of accident. Read More

Personal Injury Claims For Pedestrian Accidents

In Ontario Province, a significant number of accident fatalities involve pedestrians being struck by oncoming vehicles or when a collision occurs and vehicles spin out of control and strike people traveling on foot. Other than motorcyclists, pedestrian accidents are oftentimes more fatal or life-threatening than others. In many cases when an individual survives, they are either permanently disabled or must endure years of medical care, painful recovery, and rehabilitative therapy, all of which can be financially devastating. Read More