How Do Insurance Adjusters Arrive At A Settlement Offer For A Car Accident?

Outside of the adjuster that, for some unexplained reason, feels motivated to make a low-ball offer, adjusters’ typical actions demonstrate the favoring of a slower procedure. Most adjusters study the available evidence before mentioning the figure that the insurance company views as representative of a fair compensation. Learn from Personal Injury Lawyer in Waterloo what actions adjusters take, before offering any amount of money to someone that has filed a claim.

Actions made by adjusters before making any offer:

• Read the police report associated with the claimant’s accident
• Study the claim’s database, which can be found by going online; see if the plaintiff has filed a claim in the past
• Study the relevant information, which can be found by performing the appropriate search on Google.
• Ask the plaintiff’s lawyer for the available documents. The lawyer has no reason to hide them; each of them will have to be handed to the defendant’s attorney at the time of a discovery session.

After an adjuster has obtained the requested information, how does that same adjuster determine the value of a given claim?

• First, consider the plaintiff’s chances for winning, if the case eventually goes to court.
• What would be the expected reward, if the plaintiff did win the case?
• Use a recognized formula to determine the value of the victim’s pain and suffering.
• Use software to determine what the first offer should be: Software will provide a figure that is some percent of the calculated settlement value.

Patterns found in the way that adjusters decide how to proceed with offering a settlement figure:

If an adjuster’s research has shown that a certain plaintiff has failed to hire a lawyer, that same person can expect to get a low offer. Adjusters’ repeated interactions with claimants have shown that such a plaintiff seldom hesitates to seize the chance at arranging for delivery of a nice amount of money, even if a delay could have added to the size of that same award.

An adjuster’s research often focuses on more than the details about a given policy holder/plaintiff. It could extend to a study of the habits demonstrated by the plaintiff’s lawyer. Does that particular attorney frequently take cases to call, or does that same member of the legal profession seem to shy away from appearing in a courtroom?

If the latter description appears to zero-in on the attorney’s habits, then the adjuster will again provide the policy holder with a low offer. That indicated course of action will most certainly be taken, if the claimant-lawyer team seems to have a good chance for winning in court. Introduction of a low initial figure tends to impede any move that could hasten progress towards selection of a trial date.

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