Guide To Filing A Claim For Disability In Canada

If you are in a position in which an injury or medical injury has left you incapable of working, you may currently be worrying and wondering about where to go from here. First of all, you will be relieved to know that there are multiple types of disability benefits available to you. However, which ones apply to you is dependent on your circumstances. To help you figure out the correct steps from here on out so you can get the benefits you are entitled to, we have put together a guide below which should contain all necessary information to get you started down the right path. Read More

Are Liability Waivers Actually Obligatory?

Not many people know what liability waivers actually are, and yet so many sign them without hesitation on a frequent basis. Whether it be on a tourist trip, before a sports event you participated in, or under any other circumstances that required you to willingly put yourself in harm’s way – usually, there will always be some person nearby with a clipboard who will ask you to sign a liability waiver first. Read More