The Importance of Bike Helmets And Why They Should Be Mandatory

Recent statistics show that less and less people are choosing to opt out of riding bikes, despite their proven health benefits. Additionally, riding a bike has proven to be safer in areas where bicycle traffic is frequent. This is because of the increase in cycling structure, but also because motor vehicle drivers in those areas have become familiar with keeping an eye out for cyclists, and are thus less likely to overlook them. Read More

Mistakes That Can Lead To The Failure of Your Personal Injury Claim

There are all kinds of situations in which somebody else’s negligence can lead to you being injured, and should that ever happen to you, you will likely want compensation for your injuries. You can achieve this by filing a personal injury claim with the help of a personal injury lawyer. However, many people make the mistake of hiring a lawyer too late in the process, or not at all, which can lead to grave mistakes that can quickly have a negative impact on their claim. Read More

Who Will Be Held Liable In An Accident Involving A Borrowed Car?

To many, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to lend your car for a trip to the grocery store, a concert, or sports event, but something as simple as passing your keys to a friend or family member can quickly end in a storm of legal problems, confusion, and frustration. After you have read this article, you may be thinking twice or thrice before you lend your car in the future. Read More

When Is Personal Injury Mediation Considered?

If you are guilty of causing injury to another person, you are responsible for paying damages suffered by them. You are the defendant and your insurer is usually the one that will reimburse the other parties finances from the accident. If you have been injured, the other parties are the ones responsible a reimbursement settlement. This amount of money could add up to thousands or even millions of dollars, if the other person’s injuries, or your injuries, are life altering or very serious. There are other methods in place when a resolution is disputed. Mediation may be one of these methods. Read More