Quick Guide On Catastrophic Injury After An Accident

An injury that will forever impact your quality of life is known as a catastrophic injury. This would include brain damage, amputation, or spinal cord injury. When you suffer from a catastrophic injury, you can count on months of rehabilitation and recovery as well as possibly a lifetime of home care because you will need assistance with daily living skills. The benefits awarded to an individual that has received catastrophic injuries will be a higher amount than those that do not have as severe of injuries.

Even though you can’t live a normal life again, your insurance company will most likely try and deny your claim of catastrophic injury. The problem is, most everyone who pays into insurance assumes that there wouldn’t be any problem collecting it when or if they need it at any time in their life. Unfortunately, the truth is, you may have been faithful about paying your insurance, but it is not going to come to you that easy. Insurance companies are out to make money

Defining Catastrophic Injuries

In order to file a claim, you should understand catastrophic injuries as much as possible. Again catastrophic injuries is an injury received that can limit your ability to care for yourself through everyday life skills. Catastrophic injuries normally include physical injuries that include:

• Spinal cord injuries: Spinal cord injuries can be tricky. It depends on the severity of your injuries. This type of damage can lead to the partial or total use of any limb and can make it difficult to do any of the everyday skills and tasks you are accustomed to doing throughout your day. With spinal cord injuries, a person may become depressed and suffer from other mental health issues due to the inability to function in normal consistency.

• Amputation: Another example of a catastrophic injury includes amputation. With this type of loss, a person is physically unable to perform everyday tasks like they did prior to the accident. While learning to live without the limb, there is a certain degree of mental and physical challenges that can make it very difficult to get used to. In addition, it may be necessary to get use to a prosthetic as well. The individual may feel embarrassed, inadequate, or unable to contribute any longer in the household.

• Brain damage: An injury that causes damage to the brain can be difficult in the coming days following the injuries. While people recover from brain injuries all the time, there is a certain degree of adaption one must go through to get to the next level of recovery. Depending on the area of the brain that was damaged, the person may have trouble remembering things or people, they may experience difficulty speaking, and they may even become angry and frustrated. Brain injuries can also mean that long term care will be needed and extensive rehabilitation.

You don’t necessarily need to have a catastrophic injury to get approved and compensated for your claim. You may be dealing with multiple injuries that can equal out to a catastrophic damage. You will need the assistance of an injury lawyer to make it possible for you to win your case and prove that you have a catastrophic injury.

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