Reporting A Car Accident And What Could Happen If You Don’t

Most people know to call and report serious car accidents. In other accident scenarios it is important to know that if you fail to report you may just find yourself facing some major consequences later on. Learn below when you should and how to report car accidents and what you could be facing by not reporting.

When To Notify Police

There are rules to follow about notifying police after accidents. Canadian provinces set an estimated damage amount for accidents informing you if you should or do not need to report each accident.A good example would be if a province has a set limit and both vehicles in the accident have damages less than the set amount you do not need to report to police. If the vehicle damages are estimated to be above the set limit it is required the accident be reported to police or a collision reporting center.

Police can charge you for leaving the scene if you do not report an accident that is required to be reported. This is serious and could result in increased car insurance payments, time in jail and hefty fines. Attempt to do a proper estimate of accident damages to be sure you are following the legal route.

The Best Time To Notify Your Insurance Company

It is always important to notify your insurer, even if you pay damages out of pocket. If the damages are major or minor insurance companies expect you to report. It could become a bad situation for you if your insurance company finds that you did not report an accident. They could easily find out if the other driver’s insurance company contacts them to make claim negotiations.

When You Should Report Private Property Collisions

If you happen to have a collision on private property such as a parking lot you must report. If there are injury or damages and the dollar amount of damages is in excess of the limit imposed by your province it must be reported to police and your insurer. You might want to contact an injury lawyer in Waterloo before you self-represent your interests.

Required Reporting of Accidents

No matter the amount of damages, these accidents, must be reported to police and your insurer if it involves:

● Any injuries, major or minor or a death.
● Impaired driving.
● Drivers that are uninsured.
● Any accident involving government vehicles.
● Any vehicle that is transporting hazardous goods.
● Any accident involving a pedestrian or a bicyclist.
● Any accident where private property, municipal or highway property or homeowner property is damaged.

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