Does Traumatic Brain Injury Lead To Fatigue?

In Canada, the number one cause of death and disability related to injury are traumatic brain injuries or, TBI. A combination of vehicle accidents and slip and fall accidents account for 55 percent with 70 percent of that 55 percent reporting a degree of fatigue.

There will be very little energy to spare for family or friends, it will be harder for the injured person to concentrate, participate in hobbies and essential daily activities if their brain is working improperly. Fatigue of some type is common enough among people but there are others that must deal with life altering fatigue after sustaining a brain injury.

Fatigue From Brain Injury; Hard to Prove and Diagnose

Brain function is less efficient in persons suffering from traumatic brain injury, causing fatigue. This fatigue can affect functions physically, mentally or psychologically. The level of these functions can be determined by certain procedures. There are no procedures that can test whether a person’s fatigue is caused by brain injury due to chronic fatigue as it can be caused by other factors. Some other causes can be ruled out by testing such as pain, depression, stress, a sedentary way of life, and many other causes.

Primary Or Secondary Fatigue

If specific parts of the brain directly lose functions from the brain injury it is known as primary fatigue. If the brain injury is not the direct cause of fatigue, but rather, the discomfort or stress of the brain injury, this is called secondary fatigue. In both cases it can affect a person mentally, emotionally or physically.

The Different Areas of Fatigue

Mental fatigue is very common with traumatic brain injury. Victims suffering from mental fatigue must rest their brain a long period of time after a short period of mental activity. This is not good news for a victim whose job depends on them being able to focus at work or use their cognitive ability for long periods of time.

Physical fatigue causes victims to struggle at small tasks. They will give up on doing physical activity which leads them to experience even lower energy.Psychological fatigue can occur when a victim suffers from mental and physical fatigue for an extended amount of time without any relief. Their quality of life is diminished and characterized in many ways, including, frustration, anger, anxiety and guilt.A victim of chronic fatigue disability after a car accident is required to prove the disability and that it was caused by the vehicle accident.

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