Dog Bites

Unfortunately, unprovoked as well as unpredictable dog attacks are capable of causing a significant amount of damage to victims. Injuries of the kind can result in extensive scarring, severe nerve damage, and lacerations to your body and face as well as a wide range of other consequences. Even though we consider the dog to be the man’s best friend, accidents tend to happen for a lot of different reasons, including lack of training and socializing the animal as well as due to the negligence of the owner.

The Legislation of Ontario

The act which governs this type of injuries is the Dog Owner’s Liability Act. It was set forth in 1990. With this in mind, the current legislation is very protective and has instituted mandatory muzzle and leash laws as well. However, some owners knowingly choose to ignore these rules and they let their dogs off their leashes in public spaces such as parks and even on the street. This could quickly turn to be a prerequisite for a vicious dog bite that leads to some of the traumatic injuries laid out above.

When this happens, the victim is entitled to seek out legal compensation and recovery of the damages due to dog bite injuries that were sustained. The legal notice is sent directly from the owner of the dog. However, the procedure isn’t simple and straightforward and the need of a professional personal injury lawyer is evident. This is why the legal professionals at EFPC & Associates have qualified experience in dealing with such cases and possess the necessary resources. They have the experience to thoroughly investigate the case and ensure that you get proper legal representation.

However, you need to know that not every single case is going to provide a leeway for financial recovery and that’s why our lawyers will investigate the case and inform you of the potential opportunities. This is particularly important as it’s going to ensure whether or not filing a claim is actually a reasonable solution. Furthermore, you need to know that there are certain time frames within which you need to file the claim, so contacting us as soon as possible is important.

EFPC & Associates has experienced personal injury lawyers that have successfully covered hundreds of dog bite cases in Ontario. We have the necessary knowledge and the resources to handle a case of the kind. You need to get in touch with as immediately so that we could provide you with some clarification. You can contact us right away for free as the consultations are absolutely no strings attached. This is going to ensure that you get the necessary legal representation and that it’s handled perfectly as per the highest standards. Call us today to schedule an appointment with a professional Ontario dog bite lawyer and get the justice that you completely deserve. For after business hours calls and inquiries, please leave a message and we’ll respond within 24 hours.