Motorcycle Accidents

One of the reasons for personal injuries is motorcycle accidents in the province of Canada. Irrespective of the level of injury, immediate medical assistance is needed. Some of the injuries can be catastrophic which includes orthopedic, spinal and brain injuries. Additionally, motorcycle accidents often lead to injuries that take time to show signs, and that is why the damages might not be visible just after the accident. The psychological trauma may alter your life forever.

It is essential to know that people injured in such accidents are given an opportunity under tort laws. The Accident Benefits Claim provides the cover for attendant care, lost wages, rehabilitation, medical bills and other specific benefits as per your individual situation. The medical and rehabilitative care will also alter the normal routine of your life. You may undergo financial crisis due to loss of wages. The escalating medical expenses will intensity this crisis. These factors will also stress out your family members. You and your loved ones are eligible to claim for damages in Waterloo under the tort laws of Ontario due to the aforementioned reasons.

Ontario Tort Laws

The tort laws in Ontario make you eligible for compensations after the accident. We can help you learn about your rights and lawful compensations related to personal injuries. You will be entitled to receive coverage for your medical/rehabilitative care and income replacements. If you suffer severe injuries, you will be eligible to receive attendant care. The catastrophic and debilitating injuries will makes you eligible for bigger insurance coverage and higher compensations. The insurance companies may try to minimize the amount of your benefits through limitation of your claims. That is why you need to hire a lawyer from EFPC & Associates to protect your rights as a victim.

If the defendant is solely responsible for the accident, his/her insurer will be responsible to compensate for your damages. The tort laws of Ontario include this guideline. Only an professional lawyer can properly represent your rights due to this reason. We work hand-in-hand through your claim process at EFPC & Associates. We can prevent the insurance company from cheating you of your rightful compensations. We have an in-depth knowledge about the personal injury claims in Ontario as our lawyers understand that early filing is necessary to ensure positive results.

Some of our cases have become exemplary in Canadian law. We have set an envious track record of successful closure to compensatory claims. We have helped our clients win millions of dollars in compensations, over the years. You may find our assistance to be worthy due to recent legal changes. It may be difficult for you to file on your own and claim for damages due to this reason. You will need a legal counselor to represent your rights. Your legal advisor will ensure the validity of your claims and we can deal with insurance adjusters and legal teams. These tactics are applied to strengthen their interests. We shall answer to your calls and messages within 24 hours in order to avoid any delay in filing. Please leave a message or call us today.