Orthopedic Injuries

Your physical injuries stemming from an accident may limit your mobility. Your orthopedic injuries may not only include broken bones or multiple fractures. These injuries may also damage your tendons, muscles and cartilages. Your orthopedic injuries may completely disable you. You may even require regular treatment and rehabilitative care.

You may have received serious orthopedic injuries due to vehicular or slip-and-fall accidents. You need to contact our lawyers at EFPC & Associates. They will help you fight your serious orthopedic injuries. Our legal advisers work hand in hand with numerous medical professionals. They will ensure proper assessment and treatment of your injuries. In the meantime, we represent your rights in respective governmental agencies and help you avail justice.

It is important to navigate through the complex legal procedures as not all claims are granted. Thus, it is ideal to hire the services of eminent lawyers to represent your rights. To assist you through this process, schedule an appointment with one of the injury lawyers at EFPC & Associates.

Reasons Behind Orthopedic Injuries

The orthopedic injuries mostly stem from vehicular or slip/trip-and-fall accidents. The cold and icy Canadian winter is not the only responsible factor. The poor visibility, oily surfaces, wet floors and poorly maintained public spaces are also responsible for orthopedic injuries. The lawyers of EFPC & Associates know that any slip-and-fall accident may limit your motilities and may cause temporary-to-permanent disability. Your disabilities may cause pain and suffering, loss of wages and continual increment of your medical bills.

You may suffer orthopedic injuries due to the negligence of someone else. In this situation, you will need the assistance of a professional personal injury lawyer. Your attorney will help you obtain your rightful financial compensations and benefits. The aggressive lawyers from insurance companies may use complex legalities and legal updates to deny the claims for compensations. You will need the assistance of a reputed legal firm, like EFPC & Associates, due to this reason. This firm will help you represent your rights and acquire justice.

We have sufficient experience to conduct successful mediation or settlement negotiations. We are equally efficient at conducting legal proceedings. We can help you through different stages of your personal injury claim due to this reason. We have won millions of dollars worth of compensation for our clients. Our enviable success stories attest to the quality of our service. We shall let you enjoy the assistance of a professional personal injury services available in Ontario. We pay close attention to the necessities and conveniences of our clients.

We may discuss the details of your case at your home or the hospital, if necessary. It is our duty to make sure that you receive the necessary financial assistance. We shall protect your legal rights at any cost. We do not ask for upfront legal charges but only accept our fees after winning the compensatory amount for you. Our contingency-fee policy will help you sail through your critical financial situation without any additional worries. Call us right now to schedule a free and no-obligation consultation with our legal professionals.