Pedestrian Accident

The pedestrian-related vehicular accidents result in severe injuries most of the time. A number of factors are responsible for these accidents. The negligence of driver and poor weather conditions are two most common contributory factors. These accidents may happen to any pedestrian as they are more exposed to injuries than the drivers. It is driver’s responsibility to ensure the safety of pedestrians due to this reason. In Ontario, the pedestrians are legally eligible to receive compensations for their injuries. You may be an injured pedestrian. The EFPC & Associates will ensure just compensations through successful representation of your rights.

You may suffer different types of injuries due to the motorist-pedestrian accident. The severity of your injuries may lead to death. The catastrophic brain injuries are prime reasons behind the loss of lives. Our professional injury lawyers understand this fact. We may not prevent an accident, but we can facilitate and expedite your recovery process. Our lawyers shall ensure that you and your family members receive appropriate compensation. The legal team at EFPC & Associates covers all the claims related to fatal and non-fatal injuries.

Some of the fatal injuries include injuries to head, multiple traumatizing injuries, and blunt-force trauma to the head, asphyxiation and TBI. Some of the other non-lethal injuries include sprains, lacerations, concussions and orthopedic injuries. You may claim for no-fault benefits. If the driver was negligent, you may even bring a case against his/her insurance company. We understand that victims of pedestrian accidents usually require extensive treatment and rehabilitative care. The loss of your income along with your medical and therapeutic expenses is likely to stress you financially and emotionally. Your family also shares the burden of this overwhelming stress. We can help you get the due compensation through professional legal assistance.

The legislation that dictates guidelines for vehicular accidents also governs the areas of pedestrian accidents. The at-fault party has to prove his/her innocence in a pedestrian accident. The reverse-onus principle is the key variable of cases related to pedestrian accidents.

The lawyers of EFPC & Associates will present you with an objective estimation of the amount you are entitled to receive. You may have several questions regarding the process of claim settlement. We shall provide answer to all of your questions. The severity of your injuries will determine the amount of compensation. Your pecuniary damages are easily calculable. You may receive both the pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages through your claim.

If you have been the victim of pedestrian accident, you need to contact EFPC & Associates immediately for free consultation. We have successfully represented numerous victims of Ontario. We have recovered compensations to the tune of millions of dollars. Our team of professional lawyers will properly investigate into all the facts and let justice prevail on your case. We work on contingency fees. You will not be required paying a cent, if we cannot generate a positive outcome. Give us a call right now to discover your possibilities during litigation.