Product Liability

You are presented with numerous imported products in Canada. It is true that import-export transactions boost the economy of any country. The safety and quality checks performed on products differ from one country to another. The products of North America may undergo stringent quality checks. The checking procedures are not as strict in many countries. Some imported products may fail to meet the standards of quality in Canada. This may lead to the presence of toxic and dangerous products in the stores of Ontario. You may suffer serious injuries through defective products that may even result in fatality.

Liability Related to Defective Products

The presence of defect can be found in different products of your life. Your automobile may have faulty parts. The paint on your children’s toys may have toxic lead. The mechanical defects in your appliances may lead to overheating. The faulty appliances are known for causing fire hazards. The unsafe products may cause calamitous accidents. These accidents may lead to debilitating injuries or loss of life. You or your loved-one may have been the victim of a similar accident. In this situation, you will need to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to represent your rights.

At EFPC & Associates, we are the professionals of product liability claims. If you have received injuries through defective products, call us today. Delays don’t help. However, for all calls and enquiries after business hours, we shall respond to your call within one business day. Our experience is our strength. We have multi-lingual paralegals and administrative clerks on the team with our professionals and thus, language barriers are of no consequence. You may need to start the process for filing your claim right away. Our 24/7 hotline is available to let us get started immediately on the process of recovering your compensation and help you save precious time.

Best Ontario Product Liability Lawyers

The at-fault party in your product-liability claim may be the manufacturer, distributor, seller or retailer. The EFPC & Associates will utilize the services of professionals to conduct a thorough investigation into the reason behind your injuries. This investigation will help us identify the malfunctioning issues and determine the liable party. This determination is necessary to present you with deserved compensation. The excessive legal fees may prevent the victims from hiring any legal professionals. The cease of cash flow may create critical situations for the victims. We never ask the victims for any upfront fee due to this reason. We accept contingency fees. Our clients may seek legal assistance without the additional financial stress.

The professional lawyers of EFPC & Associates focuses on every legal aspect of product-liability claims. They understand the details of holding a manufacturer, supplier or retailer liable for defective products. Our legal knowledge and resources will help you build a strong and indisputable claim.

We can give voice to your product-liability claim. Schedule a free consultation and talk to us about your case. We can use this no-obligation session to merit your claim. We may discuss about the legal proceedings that will help you get compensated for your injuries and losses. Contact us to get the maximum compensation that can be secured in the unique circumstances of the case and get through the tough times with confidence.