Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

The most catastrophic injury you may suffer in an accident is the brain damage. Your brain injuries may permanently limit your cognitive and physical functions. You will require expensive medical treatment and rehabilitative care to manage these debilitation. Your brain injury will alter the normal routine of your life. The traumatic brain injuries are not only responsible for deaths of large number of accident victims. These injuries are also responsible permanent disabilities. It is hard to properly measure the extent of brain or spinal cord injuries immediately after the accident. The bills may skyrocket due to the extensive nature of medical or rehabilitative care. It is necessary to quickly file a claim for compensations due to this reason. This is one of the main reasons for you to seek the assistance of professional lawyers from EFPC & Associates. Our lawyers have focused in brain and spinal cord injuries.

We work in conjunction with some reputed medical professionals of Ontario and understand the difficulty of estimating the proper extent of spinal cord injuries or brain traumas. The broken bones or other physical injuries may become apparent immediately after the accident. The spinal cord and brain damages will require extensive diagnostic tests to correctly assess the level of disability and care. The calculation of compensation will include the costs of future medical treatment, rehabilitation and necessity of full time attendants.

Your spinal cord injuries may result in partial or total paralysis and chances are high that some victims end up becoming paraplegic or quadriplegic. Oftentimes, the immobility or limited mobility is temporary while in other cases, it is permanent. However, results aren't immediate and that is why recovery is a long drawn process. Your disability will devastate the emotional stability of you and your family members. Your life-altering injuries will also affect your financial status. At EFPC & Associates, we can help you manage the plethora of hospital charges and medical bills efficiently. We can also help you negotiate with the at-fault party confidently and avail just compensation.

The victims of catastrophic injuries often need to make drastic changes to their residential places. The victims incapable of moving may need full-time caregivers or nurses. Your lifelong medical expenses, lost wages, costs of house modifications and other necessary expenses may become overwhelming. The acquirement of financial compensations may become vital for the survival of you and your family members. It will reduce some of your financial burdens stemming from medical and rehabilitative cares.

The lawyers at EFPC & Associates have represented the interests of victims suffering from traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries. Our experience has helped us understand your current situation. We can utilize this knowledge and resources to settle your claim as fast as possible. We have not only helped hundreds of victims with traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries, but have set the track-record of obtaining millions of dollars’ worth in compensation. Put a call to us for a free and no-obligation legal consultation so that we’ll help you get justice.